Wednesday, January 05, 2005

blocking the choo-choo train sweater

Finally finished knitting all the pieces for alex's train sweater. I was suppose to finish doing that while vacationing at my in-laws for Xmas but didn't get to do much at all. Alex is eager to have his train sweater and he keeps asking whether i am done or not. i told him it takes a long time to knit one sweater so now everyday he tells me " mommy, knit more and knit harder". Hopefully i can sew up the pieces and knit the neckband by the end of the week. Well, with two little kids and a house remodeling project going on at the same time, i don't know whether i will complish that much at all.

i wanted to join the hello kitty knitalong as i know Cynthia will love the kitty stuff. i was too lazy to do blogging before but now i guess i have the incentive to keep it going and keep knitting going at the same time. it's good to document my knitting progress now and then.